About Us


Valbifrut is a company of long tradition, leader in technological innovation and development.

In 1978, Valbifrut planted its first walnut orchards. From the beginning we were pioneers in the walnut industry, by grafting the Serr variety, created at the University of California, in local Chilean varieties incorporated by the Spaniards two hundred years ago.

In 1990, as the production of the orchards increased, we started exporting our raw material. Our first markets were in southern Europe, and over the years the quality of our walnuts have been well received in many different markets all over Europe, Middle-East, Asia and Latin America. After the growth we experienced, during the 2001 Valbifrut extended and remodeled its processing plant, turning it, in our opinion, into the most modern plant on the Southern Hemisphere. This modernization process has been constant during the last years, with the incorporation and upgrade of the last trending technologies in walnuts processing and selection.

Following decades of being a pioneer, founder and participant in the Chilean Walnut Industry, Valbifrut is still the ultimate producer, exporter and processor; focusing all of our efforts so our clients, producers and workers are satisfied and happy to work with us.


Valbifrut owns more than 700 ha of walnuts and work with more than 70 associated growers with long term relationship. The orchards are located over the central valley of Chile, from the regions IV to VIII (Ovalle to Los Angeles).

We have 3 modern hulling and drying facilities, one in each growing area, in order to waste the shortest time between harvesting and drying processes, to obtain the best color and quality.


The Valbifrut processing plant is settled in Buin, a small town located 35 km south Santiago. All operations are on the same site: Inshell selection, Machine Kernels Process, Selection, Quality control, Shipment.


Our walnuts orchards are extended within the south central area of Chile. These are unspoiled lands on the southern hemisphere, with pure waters from the Andes Cordillera, Fresh breeze from the Pacific Ocean and Mediterranean climate. It gives the ideal condition to grow walnuts and achieve the best nutritional properties, low acidity, and perfect color.


The main attributes of the Valbifrut Chilean Walnuts are:

  • CheckBright color
  • CheckQuality and Freshness
  • CheckCounter season supply